Jak ušetřit? Sepište si příjmy a výdaje

Budgeting is a great way to save money because it helps you see where your money goes and how best to use it.

The first step in budgeting is to write down your income and expenses. If you don’t know where your money is going, then it’s hard to make informed decisions about where to cut back.

Before you even start thinking about where to save money, it’s important to know what you’re spending it on. A great way to find out is to take stock of your expenses and income. The time-tested method is to grab a pen and paper, set aside a free evening and write down your transactions. If you often pay by card and send money from your bank account, it will be easier for you, just look at your bank’s internet banking. If you often pay in cash, you will need to remember a little about what you spent the money you withdrew from the ATM last week. There is no need to be perfect when recording expenses. Start with the bigger ones, like your mortgage payment or rent, payments to the leasing company for your car, spending on petrol or diesel, the weekly shopping at the supermarket. Then continue

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